New Therapist vs Old Therapist

i was thinking about the differences between my old therapist…and my new therapist…i am not very happy with the findings to be honest… but then again this is my first stint at therapy for anything… but here are the differences…

  1. Old therapist gave me a 1 hour session…. / New therapist… solid 45 mins
  2. Old therapist answered my emails / New therapist doesnt unless i’m asking a direct question.
  3. Old therapist i saw every week… / New therapist i see every 2 weeks….

my whole thing is if i dont see her for 2 weeks if i have an issue in which i emailed her… why wouldnt she respond? could she be too busy for me…? i know she took some of my old therapists clients… so i have no idea what it could be…

should i be worried… ? i have no idea how to feel..i  guess my old therapist spoiled me…I miss my old therapist ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



  1. I would definitely ask – you have nothing to loose and perhaps if email contact is really important to you (it is for me!) then you may have to have a think about if its a good match for you. Once every two weeks isn’t very often is it, I go twice a week and still struggle occasionally so I feel your pain!! x

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  2. I would start looking for a new therapist; it is absolutely fine that you are unhappy with the service on offer. However, the last thing you need is to be ‘stressed’ by a therapist that is supposed to be helping you. It is important to get the help and service you need from a therapist otherwise like now you are in a situation that is causing you concerns and unhappiness xx

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      • You are not spoiled by receiving a service that suits and works for you. I was in counselling a few years ago and the first counsellor I saw was great but he was just assessing… I was given another man for actual counselling and the ‘fit’ just wasn’t there.. nothing in particular was bad but I just didn’t feel like I could tell him the things I needed to say. I asked to swap to another counsellor and it was the best decision I made! The second counsellor was amazing!

        You need to ‘shop’ around and make sure you tell prospective therapists your wishes/requirements up front so you can weed out those that don’t offer what you want xx


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