To email or not to email

so i know that it wouldnt be a good idea to just pop up at my old therapists office… that would be super stalkerish… but would emailing him be just as stalkerish…? i know i can come off that way sometimes… i just want to let him know that i’m so thankful for all that he’s done for me… but to be honest… i already said thank you to him… i was looking at previous emails from him and he was still so amazing and i miss him… yeah i guess my feelings are coming back.. this sucks..

I do want to send him a message… letting him know how i’m doing… letting him know how things are going… but he did terminate me… “termination” is the term that therapists use when your sessions with them are over and you will see another therapist…

sucks to miss someone so much.

i was even tempted to “accidentally” email him.. but yeah i didnt. how would i really explain that away… i dont know… i just hope that some way… some day… we will bump into each other…



  1. I know it’s difficult but with the transference I would let it lie. But then again I’ve not had a close relationship with a therapist so what to I know? Maybe if it’s about closure sure but just to be connected to him in some way might not be a good idea.

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