Jealousy… the green eyed monster

I wonder where jealousy comes from…. where did i learn this from… now dont get me wrong.. im never jealous when someone looks better than me, or if someone is doing better than me… never jealous… i love to compliment and congratulate people… but i believe my jealousy comes from possessiveness…

I remember when i came in to the office to see my old therapist, whenever i would see him talking to the ladies working at the desk… i would get so jealous… of course he never knew that… i would be cursing those girls out in my head or wonder what they were talking about… yeah it was bad… but when he would see me, he would always go back to his office and i’d feel better when he did…

I’m jealous towards friends sometimes in a sense that i dont like to see them with other friends… i like to be their only friend..i know it sounds nuts… i dont let it get out of hand or anything but it’s just what i feel… and it’s not a good feeling…

i think it all boils down to the fear of abandonment and need for approval… i’m going to be talking to my therapist about that as well…

if you guys have any advice on how to handle jealousy, please let me know…



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