Hubby is a sneakerhead

now, a sneakerhead is someone who collects sneakers… i’m telling you guys hubby has over 15 pairs of sneakers and so many of them are so expensive… collecting sneakers has never been my thing but every now and then he would buy me pairs as well…

well hubby is a self proclaimed sneakerhead and that gets me kind of nervous… we had just settled things with rent… we were almost evicted from the apartment.. he borrowed 3 grand from his mother to help us and i also started giving him $700 a month to add to the rent…

this whole rent situation always gives me anxiety.. i dont want to have to go through that again… so earlier this week he asked me permission to buy a pair.. i asked him.. has the rent been paid .. he assured me that we are good on rent. i believed him.. but also at the same time.. we had to take my dog to the vet… he said all he had was about 160 for the rest of the week… saying that he was broke… so when he asked me to buy sneakers it alarmed me… but i let it go… last night he comes into the room with a box of sneakers….this was a second pair….! and i’m thinking , “you’re claiming broke but yet you’re buying all these sneakers.” that’s two pairs in a week…

anxiety started getting high and i really didnt want to confront him in that moment because i was highly upset… i just dont want to go homeless over sneakers… shit sucks… i know he hasnt bought a pair in months but 2 in one week is a lot.. considering that most pairs are over 200 dollars… smh…


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