It’s ok to Disagree

I’ve always had this thing with certain people that i’m just too agreeable. i dont know if it’s because i really agree or maybe i just dont want to go into details as to why i disagree with people… i can kinda come of as a yes girl… say things like “ohh that awesome.” or things like ” i like that.” see a pattern? or maybe it’s because i can see both sides of a situation where most times i dont really agree or disagree… i even find myself being agreeable in this new/old friendship as well…

I have to understand that it’s ok to disagree… but in the moment i guess it’s become such a habit to where i’m automatically agreeing… another thing is i dont have enough confidence to explain why i disagree… like i feel as if my reasonings hold no weight…

i’m thinking maybe it’s my fear of abandonment rooted in one of my borderline personality traits… i dont know… …

i mean i understand that people wont leave me just cause i disagree.. but there’s a part of me that just wants to make sure they dont… in some way shape or form… i just wanna be liked…and accepted…



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