Dream about my old therapist

so just when i thought my crush for him was over… he comes into my dream again last night… it was a weird dream where i had so much confidence in myself and in my sexuality with him…

so the dream takes place in my old apartment where i lived for over 20 years… i see my old therapist … as i walk past him i kind of corner him and hold my arms out for a hug and he gives me one… it’s more like an embrace where i’m rubbing my hands along his back during this hug… it was nice and i tell him “now that’s the hug i wanted.”

he helps set the dinner table placemats then he sits on the living room couch where i take him by the hand and take him to my old bedroom and for some reason there’s a couch in there… anyway .. he sits down and i go in for a kiss where he moves his face… i tell him ” you can say no if you want to…” trying to convince him i say “i’ve been with married men before… and they are still very much happily married… i’d never tell…” i also say “i know you would under different circumstances.” i kneel in front of him while he’s sitting on the couch… he leans forward and he touches my vag i guess to see how excited i was for him… i was quite excited and i told him… “you always do this to me.” then he gets on top of me and we had sex…

oh how i wish this dream was a reality… i guess i’m def not over my crush…



  1. It does feel mighty good to fantasize. I’ve had a big crush on my psychiatrist for over 12 years now. He’s never touched me and I’d be a little afraid to try to touch him other than in my dreams. He does sometimes give me a special smile that shows he knows I adore him. I know he has a special little place in his heart for me, too. I hope that when the time comes that we must permanently part that I will get a hug. He might not have a choice.

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      • My psychiatrist definitely does know. It was hard to hide. I even told him once that I love him. It really distressed him, so I told him I’d never say it again. I’ve written him all kinds of sweet notes. I used to send them as “reviews” through this website he got reviews from. I’ve also sent him greeting cards writing sweet things.

        My transference love has slightly eased over the last couple of years, but that doesn’t mean I no longer adore him. I guess I just don’t fantasize as much about him as I used to.

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      • I hope you do.

        You might laugh about this, but my pdoc is a lot older than me. He’s like 72 years old to my 46. I used to sort of tease him about the age difference knowing he knew I had a crush. I guess I teased him mostly because I was surprised myself that I could have such a crush on a man almost my father’s age.

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      • He is a beautiful person. Actually, my husband is well aware of my crush. He calls him the “Beautiful Dr. Ripley”. Ripley is not his last name, but is similar. Hubby took that from the “Talented Mr. Ripley” movie because I like it’s star, Matt Damon.

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