I kissed a girl ..and i liked it…

i’m a little tipsy right now writing this but… i went out to have a few drinks with my girlfriend and she enlightened me on a few things …

first off she smelled great… as usual but i commented on it and she said she wore her good perfume for me…and that made me feel special… she also mentioned that whenever i post a pic of me and my husband on facebook it makes her jealous and she rolls her eyes at the picture… we laughed about it though… i cant picture her doing that … lol but she says she does…

she also told me that when she masterbates…she thinks about me… that kinda turned me on then she asked me if i wanted to sneak away into the bathroom after our drinks and kiss… i said yes..

we went in the bathroom and i was talking to her…she wouldnt let me finish what i was saying before her lips were on me… it was great… oh man… she told me that she loves me…

it was a great night… the kiss…the compliments… i kinda wanted more…



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