My old/new friend

so me and my old bff that i’ve known since the 80s have been talking for a few days and i have to say its’ so surreal… after not talking to her for 4 years it’s like getting to know her all over again and also reminiscing about the old times… so it’s a weird situation to be in… i sent her a message about how i’m happy that we’ve decided to rebuild our relationship.

today was good.. we laughed… joked… and talked just like we use to but after speaking with my cousin yesterday i have to remember to take it slow and really be careful with her because i really dont want to get hurt again. i have a feeling she also has borderline but she’s the kind that lashes out so i really have to be careful with my words so that she wont twist them and turn them into something negative and then blow up at me eventually..  just like she did all those years ago where i was just left dumbfounded and had no idea she felt the way she felt…

but lets hope that the next 30 years are better than the last… i really want to suggest to her to get help and speak to a therapist but it’s really too early for that… my cousin suggested that i can tell her to speak to a therapist to help her with her grieving because her father just passed away and while she’s getting therapy for that they may discover that she has a mental illness as well.. who knows…




  1. Definitely a good idea. I’m glad you gave her another chance. Everyone deserves one. I’ve been through the same thing with my best friend. I cut her off last year (after about 30 years). I felt she wasn’t putting anything into our relationship. I’m so glad I’ve changed my mind because we did find each other again and have been sure to not take each other for granted.

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