Secret friendship

so i dont know if i can call her a friend at this point but this woman was someone i’ve known for over 30 years.. we had a huge fallout a few years ago but i decided to reach out and be there when her father passed away… her and another mutual friend had a fallout and they are currently at war with each other and i’m kind of caught in the middle i think… everytime i talk to one, they ask questions about what the other said and that puts me in a bad and uncomfortable position…

No one wants me to regain a relationship with her…. my sister made it a point to call me and tell me “remember, she’s still a bitch.” my mother apparently told her that i reached out to her… so i made it a point not to bring it up to my cousin because i know i would get the standard lecture about how she’s not a real friend and she’s fake..

i dont know if i should even continue… i mean this girl is def toxic…

just today i was on the phone with her and someone asked me if i knew where a gamestop was… when she heard the guy asking me for directions she screamed on the phone “CANT YOU SEE SHE’S ON THE PHONE ASSHOLE.” I personally didnt think that would have been an appropriate reaction but that’s just to give you an idea of how she can be…

i dont know… what do you think ?

i’m def going to bring up this situation with my therapist and see what she says…



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