A friend from the past

so my former friend who i had a fallout with came to mind yesterday and i found out her father passed away the day before… i feel terrible about it… the loss of a parent i cant imagine it..thank god i still have my parents with me… since we’ve had such a terrible fallout a few years ago i’m so hesitant to go and see her and show here that even though we havent spoken in years…that i’m still here for her… that i still love her… i mean after all we’ve been friends since 1985… we had our fight in 2015…

i know she blocked me on facebook.but i dont think she blocked me on instagram… i sent her this message… hoping she would see it…

“you popped into my mind yesterday, after that i heard about your dad… i’m sooooo sorry to hear about that… i send you my condolences…my prayers are with you and your family…xoxo”

a friend of mine told me that if she rejects me even after that , then i would know where i stand with her… we have too much history… but i know this woman and she’s very petty sometimes and argumentative…so i really dont know if i’ll be accepted but if i dont…oh well… i’m in no different a position with her than i am now…

i hope she accepts…




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