i’m psychic…. maybe

so today when i was at work former friend came to mind… someone that i had a fallout with… she was my bestfriend for most of my life… (i’m 37) anyway we stopped talking back in 2016 it was a real bad fallout… but that’s a whole other blog right there… anyway she came to mind… just right out of the blue… so usually when that happens i either bump into the person or they just come into my life out of the blue…

so anyway i called a mutual friend to let her know i was thinking of this person…the girl hits me with “did you hear about _____” and i said “hold on… before you go any further…she popped into my mind, that’s why i was calling you…” she agreed and she knows that whenever i think of that person… i call her and let her know… anyway turns out her father died yesterday… i mean the former friend isnt talking to me so there’s really no way for me to send my condolences but you know… i do send them telepathically ….

but isnt that nuts how things like that happen…a part of me would like to go and see her but i’m not necessarily a welcome person in her life… so i’m just going to stay put…



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