What to do?

I will be posting about my last session with my therapist but here’s a little piece of advice she gave me…

Well she already knows about my crush on my last therapist….she suggested visiting my old therapist at this office to say hello so I wouldn’t cheat on my hubby…. 

do u think that’s good advice I mean I honestly have been thinking about it… I dot want to come off as a stalker.. she said she didn’t see anything wrong with that but I wouldn’t know how to do it or would he even want me to stop by…. I don’t know if she was kidding or serious but she brought it up twice…. hmmm what to do….

 Like should I send an email and see if he’s open to it or should I just pop in like “I was just in the neighborhood….”

I don’t know 



  1. Neah….I think it’s a bad idea! I can’t believe she suggested it really. I think it would seem stalkerish for you to go to his office. You could send off a little goodbye note to him, though, thanking him for all his help. Maybe it would help finalize it. I bet he’d appreciate to receive it too.

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  2. I’m glad I’m not alone in my thinking! I used to work in a docs office and it would be so weird if a patient just randomly showed up. We’d all wonder why.

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