Meatloaf Incident

there’s this female manager at my job that i THOUGHT i was cool with and today she showed me a different side of her.. we usually talk and laugh while i’m working but lately she’s just been different… i can sense it.. like she’s been more serious with me and i dont get it… it has to be me personally because she laughs and jokes with this other girl at the job but everything that came out her mouth to me was either an order or a criticism and it really pissed me off…

at my job the people in front are supposed to call out what they need so apparently there was on meatloaf ready… (it was in the oven) and that’s what i told her then she says “why arent there any already prepared?” and i said because no one told me… she said “you have to check for yourself…” honestly i just think it’s cause she’s lazy… i have a million things to do during the day… i prepare food… i run food to the front and i cook it as well as prepare food for the night crew and stock up so they have… the least they can do is call out what they need… smh… i mean shit this isnt my first fucking day! (sorry for the curse) but shit…

so after that she saw i had an attitude… i dont like when people tell me how to do my job..i know what the heck i’m doing! so now i just feel like not saying anything to her that isnt work related… if i dont have to say anything… i’m not going to… i dont want her to think i’m kissing her ass… she wants to be all serious … ok two can play that game…

ugh…. not feeling it today


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