2nd day on New medicine

Last night i went to sleep pretty quick and i’ve had about 4 or 5 dreams…. it was like a movie… lol i didnt wake up tired or anything like that… but one thing i did notice is that it does make me hungry.. i just gotta make sure i have healthy things around to snack on…

my only thing about medication is i just dont want it to control my life… but the good thing is i dont feel like a zombie the way i used to feel with seroquel…

i have to go to work tonight…really dont want to, but i’m pretty chill and calm… the medicine really doesnt go into effect for a few weeks… so i really wont know what it’s doing to or for me until then.

now when i talk about medicine controlling my life… i hate feeling dependent and i really just dont like having to take something at the same time every day or else i’ll feel sick… i definitely dont want that.. hopefully that wont be the case with it…and i also hate the sleepy effect… id’ rather take a sleeping pill for that… anyway lets see how it goes…




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