New Medication

so when i seen my therapist last week, we talked about medication and what my options were because i have stopped taking my seroquel for about 2 months now … just that when i’m on it i’m not myself… not saying that myself is the most normal.. i mean a part of me knew i wouldnt feel like myself but on seroquel i have no emotions… and i know when i’m not on medication i feel everything but i just dont like feeling nothing…

i have an appointment to see the psychiatrist this friday and i’m just wondering what are the other medication options besides seroquel… i just dont want to feel nothing… i want to feel the way i do when i’m normal…

who knows…



  1. Have you tried?
    Lithium and Vraylar, they both control mania of bipolar 1
    Latuda is good for bipolar depression, and it’s usually only once a day
    Zoloft is also good for the depression, taken at night since it does make you drowzy
    Lamictal regulates the episodes of cycling in bipolar
    Depakote I don’t remember well since I took this year’s ago, but it does work for some. With me I gained way too much weight and was always sleeping.
    Geodon helped great with sleep but also gained but did help with less mania
    I could go on and on as I have tried so many different types of bipolar meds in my ten years of diagnosis. Just be careful,, and remember you and only you know your body.
    *also if you are trying to get pregnant, let psychiatrist know, he/she can derict you on which bipolar meds would be less harmful

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  2. I was on a cocktail that included Seroquel xr 300mg and it worked for awhile until I got to the point I couldn’t concentrate, blured vision, and 50lb weight gain and i was on a vegetarian diet at the time

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  3. When I was on lamictal it worked pretty great for me. It mellowed me out a lot, but it didn’t make me feel like a robot, like I was worried it might. It did make me dizzy though, while I was getting used to it. Not so much like the room was spinning, but like my head was really heavy and it was hard to concentrate. It does have a scary side effect, a deadly rash, but only like .1% of people get it, so it’s pretty rare.

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  4. Asenapine and aripiprazole are common replacements for mania.
    I was on asenapine for 1 yr after quetiapine but there’s little research in doses exceeding 20mg, so I had to stop. I went back to quetiapine because it was incredible for BP psychosis.
    I haven’t taken aripiprazole for very long: I ended up with bad EPS.
    Lithium helps with the cycling.

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