Super Awesome Weekend… i needed it

so i know normally my hubby likes to talk me out of plans and i gotta say … even if he did… it didnt work… i had this night planned for 2 months… a friend of mine is in a cover band and i wanted to see her perform… this would have been the second time… they sing mostly 70’s , 80’s and 90’s music and i had a blast the last time… so i figured i’d see them again…

hubby and i went… we ate and drank… and partied…oh  man i really needed it and it was great to do..i really need to go out more often..i need some new friends lol.. yeah or friends that have enough money to go out once a month or so… i know times are tough but you know…

anyway i wanted to go and speak to the drummer of this band and let him know i admire his talent…. but i had to find a way to do it without hubby getting jealous or feeling i’m disrespecting him so i told him… i actually asked him to speak to the drummer and let him know he’s great… he said nah… so i did it… when i went up to him he was speaking to the keyboardist and i told him he was great drummer… the drummer put his hand on my back…possibly to bring me close to hear me better, i immediately was hoping hubby didnt get jealous from that… anyway… the drummer seemed excited to hear because he said “wow it’s so rare that i hear how people enjoy my drumming, i’m going to enjoy and remember this moment.” i thought that was nice of him so i asked him how long he’s been drumming… he said since he was a kid… and i said my good byes…

i dont think hubby was jealous or threatened because the drummer looked over 50 years old… but honestly… i think i became kind of a groupie in that moment… he was attractive… but you know… lol

after that he went back on stage and was smiling at me and looking at me almost the rest of the night… but its ok… i dont think hubby noticed… but i did…

so we were there for a few hours… and i ended up ruining my phone but i had a backup phone which i’m so lucky to make a long story short…. water damage on my iphone.. =( but i have a backup so i’m ok for now…

cant wait to do it again…


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