Conversation with hubby

well today i was able to get my thoughts together and speak calmly about what he had said to me the other night… the whole “its not for sale?” thing that brought my whole mood down… i mean i spent the day mopey and sad around the whole thought of it…anyway…

i brought it up to him over the phone when i was coming home from therapy…i was calm and i was able to speak to him without being emotional about it… he was deeply apologetic… he said that he didnt mean it the way that i took it… he just wanted me to emphasize that my ass and my body belong to only him… he just wanted to hear it and i knew that he didnt realize that he had offended me… sometimes hes just an idiot with his words but i’m so glad that he had cleared it up for me…

he was so sorry and apologized multiple times… so i guess that one is water under the bridge… i just let him know i’m very sensitive… when it comes to him and his words…



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