I’m gonna type this quickly before hubby gets home from walking the dog… So I’m in bed with my husband and he is kissing my booty and the rubbing on it because I know he wants sex tonight… but while he’s doing that he asked me… ” is it mine?” I say uh huh and he asks “it’s not for sale?” So then I get serious “why would it be for sale?” And he continues to kiss it and I’m pissed off that he would ask such a bullshit question…. how dare he?!! 

So he says “I’ll get out your face.” I mean I’m here tearing up right now… I know he don’t trust me but shit…. smh wtf 



  1. That is ridiculous. How can one say they love you and would do anything to make you happy, yet one does the complete opposite. . . . . Know you are not cheap, from everything I’ve read so far on your blog you are a very strong willed, caring woman, don’t let your husband bring you down. . . Go out for a drink, just be careful with drinking and your meds. . . . You can always go to a park and take some more awesome pictures 😉

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  2. Lots of people are like that…speaking before thinking, like there is no filter. Sorry you are going through that with the hubby. I’d suggest sitting him down, queitly, for only you to speak first about how you feel and what’s not then and only then after you have spoken should he be permitted to speak.

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