Locked out 

Smh leave it to me to lock myself out of my apartment this morning so now I have nothing to do except wait for hubby to get here which should be in about an hour an a half….

I’m just killling time sitting in mcdonalds… I didn’t eat today and the smell of burgers is making me hungry lol

I honestly haven’t been eating well… just no appetite… I dropped about 7 lbs since I’ve last seen my therapist about 2 weeks ago… My sleep is jacked as well some nights I sleep like a log others I can’t get there… last night I drank a glass of wine and popped 3 sleeping pills… it was great…

I’m just randomly writing what comes to mind since I have nothing but time to be here

I want to go to prospect park tomorrow… they’re  showing a movie there and I invited hubby and some friends to come along but I’m really hoping that hubby doesn’t talk me out of it… we all know he don’t like me going out and having fun … at least that’s my impression.. he rather stay home and for me to stay with him but if he goes out with his friends he still wants me to stay home… but whatever … 

I bought a new backpack and picnic blanket  whether he comes with me or not I’m gonna make good use of them…



  1. “rather stay home and for me to stay with him” makes me wonder if he’s depressed. but “if he goes out with his friends he still wants me to stay home” makes me wonder why he’s so controlling and why you don’t run. I pray he’s not violent toward you, or verbally abusive. You’ve got me worried.~DM

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      • He should take you with him when he wants to go out. How do you know you can trust *him*?! And yea, I want to stay home b/c I’m depressed, so, projection I guess. But if Mrs M wants to go out after work, I’m fine with it. She knows where to find me or how to call me, and does it all the time. And she’s got a “past,” but I trust it’s “passed.” There has to be trust. And even though I don’t always get what I want, she’s still the one. (how tragic-comic-ally romantic, no?) If I ever went out drinking I might have people who thought I was a drinking buddy, but I’d rather drink alone or with Mrs. M than with other people.

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