Singled Out

So I like to think I get along rather well with everyone at work especially my managers….and the GM….he’s usually the one i’m the closest with but i noticed that he’s been singling me out… (at least my perception) i’m telling you that everyone at my job goes on their phone at some point during the day while they are at work… i’m the busiest in the whole place i think… so i rarely look at my phone but when i do my boss makes it a point to tell me to get off my phone… so i do… but i NEVER hear him say that to anyone else and it just really pisses me off…

i just feel like he’s singling me out for some reason…i  have no idea why and i know that he knows that other people are using their phones too.. it’s not just me… even his other managers do… and he also does… so what the F… smh

i dont know if i’m just being paranoid cause i feel like i’m being picked on about it or maybe i’m just being silly… i have to pay more attention to see if other people use their phone with him around… but i’m almost positive they do cause i’ve SEEN it…



  1. This sucks, are you the youngest? I ask that because I’ve worked for my bosses since I was 17 and I’m 29 now and yet I am definitely treated differently to everyone else, there’s a blatant lack of respect there & I think it’s age related x

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