These are my signs…

One thing i have noticed about whenever i’m in a depressive phase or whenever i’m in a hypomanic phase is i have this feeling all over my body.. like tingles…. they come in waves and come and go… and also one of the signs that i get are i have the need to take deep breaths… i thought it was only when i was hypomanic, you know because of all the energy i feel but i noticed that it also happens during depression.. i’m still learning so much about this illness… but that’s definitely something that i’ve noticed…

i’ve been documenting all of this in my therapy journal… i’m going to discuss this with my therapist… she will probably tell me to get back on meds… really dont want to… the medication numbed me emotionally… i know i can go back to my psychiatrist and have him adjust it but then its like it wont work… it’s weird…




  1. I totally get the tingle thing when I’ve been manic. It’s a pleasant sensation. I’d rather not medicate either but…I’m much more stable on them. Great idea to write down your thoughts in advance of your appointment. I’m so forgetful thanks to years of anxiety.

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  2. I don’t get tingling but I know I’m going to be really unstable if my brain/body get this buzzing-energy sensation. I don’t know how else to describe it but it’s the determining factor in whether I’m depressed and just need to be alone to cope or if I’m depressed and need to ask someone to keep an eye on me. I didn’t even realize it until this year but it’s been really helpful.

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