Still Crushin (updated with audio content)

I gotta say this really sucks… I have this huge crush on my old therapist that has not subsided.. i havent seen him in weeks but yet i’m always thinking about him… i cant wait to get over it already… shit sucks…

It’s just a lust thing… i just find him so sexy but i know it will never happen between us yet why do i still feel this way… why do i still feel this way knowing i will never see or speak to him again… i just dont understand myself sometimes…

i need help…

i’m hesitant to talk to my new therapist about it but maybe i can bring it up and just not mention that these feelings were toward my old therapist… but i really need help to stop thinking about him… i asked one of my friends…

“How do you get over someone?” she said “easy … just get UNDER someone else.” not exactly what i want to do but i’m sure she was joking…

i dont know what to do …



  1. You just need to put it in your past. It was a lustful desire.
    We all have those memories of things. Best bet is to focus on the now. You can’t change the past. The future is yet to be decided. But you can have a say in your future if you allow it.

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  2. Ugh how horrible for you. That’s a horrible feeling when your brain is invaded by thoughts that you don’t want it to have!! Stupid brains.

    I wish I had some clever answer for you but all I can suggest is that you tell your new T the total truth because from what I understand, lots of people fall in love with/have crushes on their T’s and it’s probably some sort of transference that needs understanding. I think if you can be honest with your new t, that may lessen the hold that your old t has over you? X

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