So hard to speak to hubby

i’m really trying to work on my communication with my husband… i really am… but it’s so hard because i’m always shot down…i dont know if it’s cause he’s trying to protect me or he doesnt want me having a good time or what it is… i have no idea and its’ so frustrating… for instance…

there’s this woman i met online… shes’ bipolar and we’ve been conversing for a while… maybe 2 months… give or take… i was hesitant to tell hubby about her because he really doesnt like me meeting new people… so anyway i drummed up the courage to let him know about her and how i was thinking of meeting up with her and he gets so upset… and i told him “that’s why i cant tell you anything” he gets so defensive i’m just so frustrated.. how am i supposed to work on my communication when he’s the one that puts me off…that really irritates me…

it’s like he will do something to get me upset then he will either try to cuddle me or he will ask me… “why are you upset?” i just cant believe it.. i dont know how to communicate with him…



12 thoughts on “So hard to speak to hubby

  1. I don’t mean to sound nasty, but this truly doesn’t sound like your issue, but his. It sounds to me as though he is threatened by your growth perhaps? Maybe he is insecure and you meeting new people or changing scares him that he’ll be left behind or something? Could you perhaps talk to him and ask if he is feeling insecure and reassure him that it won’t mean you leave him or whatever does that make Any sense? Xx

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    1. Omg it makes perfect sense… I know it’s a trust issue… he doesn’t trust me because I have been unfaithful and he still throws little indirects my way about it but I will have another conversation with him about it… I didn’t sound nasty at all I love ur honesty

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      1. I’m glad that came across how I meant it to. The problem is that your hub chose to forgive you and with that needs to come a clean slate. You can’t have your past mistakes thrown in your face for the rest of your life you know? Xx

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      2. Perhaps when you feel ready you could write to him (people tend to pay more attention by letter I find) and say you need him to forgive you and stop punishing you, give him reassurance and say you need him to trust xx

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      1. i def hear you and i agree… =) (hugs) yeah so it’s not easy with hubby… def he needs to learn to be a good receiver as well… thanks so much for your feedback… ur amazing… =)


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