weird dreams of past and old therapist

had a couple of weird dreams these past few days… one of them of my old building that the street was cracking as if a new fault line was created and i was just panicking to get my family out to safety… my brother who is 26 years old in my dream was 15 years old acting like a child… i was saying “everyone needs to get out of the house.” i grab all of my important papers because i was under the impression that the building was going to collapse, so we all go outside and in my folder i had some of my sisters papers as well… which i thought i only had my stuff… and that’s all i remember of that dream…

the next dream was pretty awesome to me. i had a dream that my old therapist and i had sex… it was as close as i can get…lol we were also in my old building and there was an office there and i was in the waiting room… my old therapist grabs some snacks from a table spread that had donuts and coffee… he tells me to come in his office but as i’m walking another male therapist said..”you want me to take her off your hands?” and he just laughs his sexy laugh and i dont know or remember how everything happened but in the dream we had sex in his office… oh man how i wish that dream would come true…lol felt so real though… oh well…




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