i’ve been thinking about creating a podcast to go along with this blog… i think it would be a therapeutic and fun thing to do… also educational i think… i dont know… i mean i created it already but i have yet to really post anything…

the thing is i have to figure a time that i will actually do it because i’ll be talking honestly and frankly about how i feel about certain things…even things i may be going through… pretty much like i do here so i really dont want hubby to hear any of it…i dont want him to judge…or get angry…or lose even more trust in me… so yeah that’s really the dilemma…

i ordered a microphone on amazon so i guess i’m really going to do this… it’s pretty much a matter of when… lol

do any of you have podcasts or thought about it?



  1. I dont have a podcast but sometimes I vlog, but when I do I am always alone, i think it would probably be best for now if you were on your own when you made the podcast, I liked the one you did it was good. xxx

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