Old therapist spoiled me =)

i didnt realize how lucky i was to have my old therapist…i freakin miss him… grant it the feelings have gone a little but he’s still very much in my mind and i didnt realize how fortunate i was to have him…

i became so used to seeing and speaking to someone every week and this new therapist has scheduled me for every 2 weeks so i sent her an email asking if i can see her once a week as well…

this is what i sent her….

“Hey there _______… it’s ________ I was wondering if it’s possible to see you once a week for now rather than every 2 weeks… if that’s ok…”

to which she responds….

“Hi ________,

Unfortunately not at this time because that will take time slots away from other people. I see everyone either every two weeks or once a month. You are always welcome to email me if something is going on that you want to get off your chest and our appointment isn’t until the following week.

See you soon,”

which makes complete sense and it’s ok… i dont blame her because she took all of the patients from my old therapist … i’m assuming…and i dont want to take time away from others as well… i’m going to let her know that i would rather the every 2 weeks slot rather than once a month…

i hope she keeps it like that…





  1. I’m surprised she wouldn’t just go with what you wanted since she’s getting paid either way! I don’t think weekly sessions are anything extraordinary to ask either. Hmpt. Guess nothin we can do about it right? Hah.

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