Breakfast Ruined

so i know that hubby gets cranky when he doesnt eat so when we wake up i told him, “lets make breakfast together” he says ok… so we go and we are making hotdogs with scrambled eggs.. i made a breakfast smoothie for myself along with the eggs and hot dogs… so his first nag was why dont i use a smaller frying i said ok.. let me get a smaller one…he tells me “no, no, no just next time use a smaller pan when you’re making 2 eggs.” so that already bothered me… then after i pour my smoothie he says “make sure you put water in the blender so no stuff sticks to it when it’s in the sink.” i told him “i do put water in it if i’m leaving it in the sink.” he says “Yesterday it was in there with no water.” i said “well i dont know… cause i always put water in it.” then he nags me about the pans in the counter being unorganized… my goodness… i really wanted this to be something we can do together …a  quality time thing..he just manages to ruin it when he nags… i hate it…

then he says “oh you’re mad now?” and i’m say ” it just when you nag me about this and that it pisses me off and puts me in a bad mood…” from then on he just stood silent… he figures he’s not gonna talk to me cause he dont wanna nag me… i took my breakfast and just ate it alone in my room..he came shortly after silent…

i mean we are talking now but just damn…. why he gotta be such a nag… ugh..i really hate it and it makes me just not want to be around him…



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