so ive been working for my job since november along with my other coworkers…well most of them… and for those of you who dont know i work in the kitchen of a restaurant…fast food.. not exactly where i saw myself at this age..but i look at it as a pit stop to what i really want to do…anyway…

my boss slipped up and told me that one of my coworkers were offered a management position…i immediately started thinking.. “wow… i wasnt offered it and i bust my ass in this place.” i still kept a happy demeanor but deep down i was upset…

let me tell you… this girl always comes to  work late and she comes in high…smh… how the heck was she offered it and not me..

do you know what the kicker is….

i dont even want to be the manager, but just the fact that i wasnt offered it pisses me off… i know i’m such a hater…sometimes..



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