My therapy journal

so i decided to buy myself a kindle so that i can read and just disappear into stories and fantasy… right now i’m reading a book called “YOU” and it’s about a guy that works in a book store and ends up stalking one of his customers… breaking into her email among other sick twisted things.. and it’s really good cant really put it down… so that’s what i’ve been doing…

i have also purchased a “therapy notebook” that’s what i call it.. it’s just a journal where i write down things that i want to discuss with my therapist as well as everything bipolar when it comes to my mental health.. i also write down things that were discussed at therapy and that’s about it… i dont know what else i can write in it… probably symptoms i’ve experienced and things like that but that’s about it…

if you have any other ideas of what to write in a therapy jounal… any advice is appreciated… =)



  1. How about dreams? I often write any dreams that seem symbolic or helpful or whatever – I know not everyone reads into them, but I do. Or sometimes if I listen to my internal dialogue, things my inner voices say like the critical voice or my inner child… things I may want to say to T or things I visualise (like for example, today I visualised bumping into my T at a famous flower show I was at today) xx

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