so im’ happy that my sister isnt mad at me… in a previous post i wrote about how she gets and she was mad at me for doing something stupid…i’m just glad that it’s over…

i do want to blog about my experience with this new therapist… i love the fact that she is interactive… she doesnt just listen… she will give feedback and insight during the course of the conversation… so it’s a change from what i’m used to… i’m just so used to speaking so much and it’s not really a conversation… or i should say it’s more one sided… but anyway she gave me really good insight…

i actually sent her an email yesterday asking her if i could see her once a week rather than every 2 weeks… i just feel like it works for me so much better because it’s a routine… if she asks me why i dont know if i should say that or if i should say something else… because i really dont want to cross any borders with her… i’m pretty sure i’ve stepped over some boundaries with my last therapist… (hottie)

Im still working on getting over it… he pops into my mind at random times and sometimes i think of him cause i want to.. but i think it’s way better than it was before because i was thinking of him all of the time and that was really tough… i just really dont know if i should even bring this up to the new therapist or just let the feelings subside on their own…

decisions…. lol



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