one thing about me is i cant stand nagging and it seems that i’m noticing my hubbys nagging more and more…nagging about the AC… nagging about the dog and her water bowl… nagging about a couple of dishes in the sink… literally a couple…  just nag nag nag.. and i hate it..and it’s like i try to let him know to stop nagging but then he says that i shouldnt give him a reason to nag… but let me tell you… even if i dont give him a reason he will def find one…

he will nag about his job… about certain people and situations… like i dont know how much i can take anymore…and honestly its not like he’s angry nagging.. he just does it like it’s a habit and honestly it turns me the hell off…

i’m not a person who really complains to people about anything.. i guess that’s why i have a blog to really vent because i know how complaining makes people feel…

so the thing about the AC is he says we have it on all the time.. mind you, we dont pay light bills… but he thinks that the air conditioner is going to break down so he turns it off…even if its hot in our room… i’m asthmatic… i hate being in hot stuffy rooms… what do we have an air conditioner for if he’s not going to let us have it on… ugh i dont know…i know it’s stupid but it’s def one of my pet peeves and i really dont know how to go about letting him know how his nagging makes me feel…



  1. Pet peeves…my husband insists of sleeping with a fan by the side of the bed. I’ve grown accustomed to it by now 🙂

    Are you able to just let his nagging go in one ear and out the other? I’d just ignore him if he was mine. 🙂 The blog is a great way to vent for sure!

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  2. Hey love! Have you ever stepped back and looked at things from his side? It might not be nagging that he’s doing. It could be a deeper problem than you’re realizing. Depression? OCD? Control issues? I feel the same way. The saaaaaaame exact way. Then I realized my husband irritability was depression. I have learned through all my years to always see it from someone else’s side. I only meant this with respect and love. I promise. ❤️

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