i really hate when im interrogated about money.. hubby has a way of asking me about my money that drives me up a wall… as if he’s my parent or something… “and what did you do with the 100 on this day?” and “and why wasnt this covered, what are you doing with the money?” honestly… im not wreckless with money.. the money he is referring to is the cable bill money… i get that from my brother who’s living with us and since they are calling for payment he thinks i havent been paying it… i have been paying it… just sometimes my brother gives me money and sometimes he doesnt…he say he didnt get paid enough or whatever…

so hubby feels the need to ask me what i’m doing with the money he gives me… i just hate being asked about it… as if i dont know what i should be doing with it… even when i was unemployed… when i was unemployed and getting 70 a week from my brother…he really expected me to budget that 70 for an entire week when i have a phone bill and other things i want to get for myself…

just in general… being asked questions in such a way just pisses me off…



  1. At the risk of pissing you off, I’ll speak from my perspective about money.

    I managed to get all the way to grad school without bouncing a single check. Then I got married and she wanted control. I let go, and the insufficient funds things started because she doesn’t record things like I used to. Enter the fucking details for every transaction, please! Then the credit card issues, FML! She kept telling me I needed to make more money. That’s great, but I don’t, yet, so we shouldn’t spend it yet, right? So my credit is shit, and so is hers, we’re slowly paying off the debts, but I hate every second of it. So I can understand in a way that he wants to understand where it’s going and why he’s getting the bill-collectors calls. So I guess you know, money conversations are a huge trigger for me. I don’t really ask what she’s doing with the money, but when they wanted to shut off our electric and heat I got a little pissed off. I had a system for paying the bills and knew how much I had in the account. She might write down the amount and who it’s going to, if she remembers it, but the ATM card is too easy. We don’t have a credit card any more and the banks won’t loan us even $2K even though we’ve recently paid off a $5K debt and we’re still working on the rest of the debt. I used to be conservative with money, now I’m afraid to go to the store, or a restaurant, all the time. And to tell me that I just need to get another job, that pays more money, is great advice, but not as easy as “just” sounds. And the kids start college in 2 years. They’re gonna need to get some scholarships. ~DM

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