letting go

so growing up i had about 3 bestfriends… i will label them as bestfriend 1, who was a woman…and bestfriend 2 who was a man…then came along bestfriend 3…i met bestfriend 3 through my bestfriend 1 at the time… and since i’m not friends with bestfriend 1 or bestfriend 2 anymore…she’s the only one that stood neutral… anyway it’s been years since me and those two have spoken but every now and then me and bestfriend 3 would speak only because i’d call her… she never really calls me and i get it…she has a job… she works crazy hours but i see her post on fb and ig and still i dont hear from her…

i’ve been calling her on and off for about a week and i still havent heard from her… i guess i should just leave it alone… i should just leave her alone and not contact her anymore… i mean if she doesnt want to talk to me or be my friend it hurts.. cause i already feel like i dont have any friends… just sucks man…

it’s been a few months since i’ve spoken to bestfriend 3 and i miss her.. but she NEVER calls me….every time we speak its cause i called her…

one of my issues is letting go of relationships and it’s so hard for me to do…



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