would it be a good idea?

you know i was thinking today about emailing my old therapist and asking him that if his position at his new place changed to where he’s seeing clients on the same level he was with me…that i would def like to be on his roster… i really dont care if i have to travel… he moved to a center in another boro… brooklyn is like an hour and half away from me… but honestly i really dont care… i just want to see him again… i really just dont want him to hit me with no therapy shit like… “it wouldnt be a good idea because change is good” or something like that… i dont know… or maybe i should just leave it alone and just see what it’s like with my new therapist… i see her for the first time this week …

i’m just so uncomfortable all over again with this whole thing… they say it’s hard to find a therapist that you can click with… and i already found a click in him… so this sucks… ugh…. all over again



  1. Stick with the new one, she may be somewhat better in some ways for you. Plus you would be fixated on her, so you two may actually be able to talk things through that are bothering you. Going to your old one I believe won’t help much because it would be therapy just a way for you to have some eye candy for an hour

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  2. That’s so true he is eye candy but I just miss him so much lol I don’t know maybe it’s attachment as well… oh man but ur right I’ll stick with this new therapist it’ll be a different experience


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