Alone … again

so i had told my hubby that i was going to moms house being that she’s going through a break up and she was lonely.. so i was going to go over and keep her company… this afternoon i messaged hubby if he was going out… he said he was going home… and i got happy because after work i always look forward to being with him… anyway i guess you can tell by the title of this blog that it really didnt work out that way… he went out… smh… said he would leave the place around 6 and he’s still not home… anyway… i’m kind of disappointed because i rushed home to cook dinner for us and he messaged me once i was already home that he went out with his friends… smh…

i really have to start just going out and not even waiting for him… even if he comes home i should go out but herin lies the dilema… i really dont have friends that i could just call and meet up with… plus i want to go to the bar for a drink and if i go alone… i’ll get hit on by creeps… i just want to go out and have fun too rather than be home.. i mean i can go out right now but i’m just tired from work and by the time i go out and get back home it’s late and i still have to go to bed at a reasonable time because i work in the morning… this really sucks…

i know my therapist said i can and should go out… but it’s like ok with who….? lol damn i’m a lonely bitch…



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