Hypomania is over I think

So I believe I was hypomanic for about a week which is great because there was a point in my life where hypomania lasted weeks… or maybe months… I’m not easy to handle during this time because I’m adventurous and hyper sexual around that time but I’m never hyposexual with hubby it’s just that my masterbation frequency rises… 

I’m all in my head in a fantasy all the time… but it’s gonna now… I do miss the feeling or at least it’s down unless i have a trigger to bring me back up… 

today is my cousins wedding and she wants me to shoot pics of it with my professional camera… of course I will I was planning to even before she asks… 

now I’m on my way to a weight watchers meeting to weigh in an socialize with the others… I really missed going there… they were just another outlet of support for me and I missed them so much … 

I’m on the train heading there and still thinking about my former therapist and honestly wish I could stop… I knew switching therapists would be hard but not this hard…. 

I still try to think of things to discuss with the new therapist… I can talk about my issues with attachment… (borderline trait) my black and white thinking that happens from time to time… (another borderline trait) but that usually comes when my depression happens… I can also discuss my need of approval from others..my paranoia…. and maybe some other things that I can’t remember at the moment… 

hopefully today goes smoothly… my next appointment is on July 6th … I just really hope I can click with her… she just seems so serious to me and I’m kind of a jokester… I laugh a lot and smile a lot and sometimes I say things that are a little over the top… I definitely have to work on boundaries but my former therapist believes that we will click… let’s see… 


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