Made my sis mad

i swear my sister has anger issues… and we dont have the happiest of relationships… i believe i mentioned once that she can lash out for the littlest reasons… so why do i still make her mad… usually it’s when i’m just trying to play with her or if i find something funny… but usually what i find funny isnt so funny to her… i’ll explain…

she’s a network marketer.. we have a whole history about that.. but she’s a liar… and she likes to act like she’s living this good life when she’s really struggling financially… so today she was over at my house and i really have a beautiful view… i live in the top floor of a high rise building but my sister sometimes like to claim the view as her own…so anyway she was doing a live video and i commented… “i have a great view.” and i logged off… it made her so mad that she left my house pissed off…  i honestly did it absentmindedly… i mean i found it funny but it wasnt funny to her… i know she probably isnt speaking to me now because of it.. she says i’m always doing stuff like that… but what she means is i’m always blowing up her lies…

i dont meant to get her mad.. and sometimes i think she would find it funny or it wont bother her… sometimes it’s like walking on eggshells… so yeah now she’s mad and i get anxiety behind it because i really dont like when people are mad at me… especially if i didnt mean to make them angry…

i tried speaking to her but she really wasnt trying to hear me and she just left… i dont know.. i just feel bad now that i made her mad… smh…

i’m always doing this dumb shit…



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