Just left work and I started feeling the symptoms of hypomania come to me.. I think the symptoms started yesterday or the day before when I just felt the need to take deep breaths…. that happens with depression and hypo for me…

today at work I was able to get everything done and then some… so that’s good too … hopefully this feeling will last… 🙂 but I know a depressive crash will follow behind soon as well…

I have been fighting the urge to shop lol and I think I did well with that… I’m usually so tired after work that I just want to sleep but today I felt I could have worked a completely new shift… I’m heading home now to clean and cook which is a great thing lol usually don’t want to do either but I do it anyway and today I’m unusually looking forward to doing all of that today lol…

my heart feels like it’s racing and I’ve been feeling the slight tingles all over my body… think I’m going to enjoy this I just have to watch myself…



  1. It’s good you haven’t shopped. I was holding onto some cash and just blew it all and now regretting it 😦 Now I must start over and try not to shop until my birthday next month.

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