starting anew…

well if you’ve been following my blog you would know many of the things i discussed with my former therapist… but since he’s moved away to another center i have to see this other lady therapist… initially, i didnt know if i would like her..and honestly i still dont but i am excited to start my sessions… but my thing is


do i start where i left off with my other therapist…should i wait for her to ask me questions…? should i just let things flow naturally… i dont know but i really dont think it would really flow naturally… i have this thing about opening up to women you know… i mean telling them the deep darks of me and i know she’s professional and i’m sure she’s heard it all but still… there’s that little part of me that’s afraid of judgement… most women carry their emotions on their sleeves … i mean i’m the same way… so if i see any form of judgemental looks come across her face… i’ll end the session and leave…

maybe i’m going way ahead of myself but you know i think about these things… i do want it to work out…and i do want her to be my long term therapist…not just a few months… honestly i need consistency…and seeing my former therapist was something that i could always look forward to on good days and on bad… (takes a deep breath)… i can say that my borderline personality traits have already caused me to have attachment issues… ugh  we shall see how this goes…



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