disappointed… smh

my sister and i decided to do weight watchers together…. but the thing is i know i can do it and follow the system… i’ll explained everything to my sister and she knows that it worked for me… i’m going to post a picture of my before and after…


i still have another 20 to lose that’s why i joined again… anyway i figured it would be fun and she had been talking about joining for a while now.. anyway we are on day 1 and i feel like she isnt even trying… i mean in the morning she did great but she came to my house in the evening eating mcdonalds… so i’m just feeling so disappointed in her but lets see how she does the rest of the week… the thing about me is i believe in people alot of the time and i expect them to do well…

i should have known that she wasnt going to really give 100 percent… she said she wasnt going every week… blamed it on money and she said she wont be staying for meetings…i believe the meetings really helped me and she doesnt even want to go to 1… smh…

that was also a big issue with my former bestfriend… when he would disappoint me it would cause huge problems… i’m trying to not have any expectations but it’s so hard for me… i find myself asking her things like “i thought you wanted to lose weight…why are you doing that? ” or asking her if she’s been tracking her food… i just have to change my attitude… i’m working on it…

i also try to say things like “you’re doing great” when she does well… but when she messes up i’m very disappointed in her… i do believe in positive reinforcement but i also give negative attitudes… kind of a passive aggressiveness i have… i think we both have the passive aggressive attitude…


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