Coney Island time today

So I actually ended up going to Coney Island today and omg I’m so glad that I did… had drinks with my aunt … we talked and walked the entire boardwalk… well not all of it but most of it… we had drinks so needless to say I’m pretty buzzed writing this on the train ride home…

She was talking to me about how she’s getting divorced and she’s seeing someone else… I’ve never seen her this happy… she said she is happier than she’s felt on a long time… I’m so happy for her… I started to feel what she was feeling and it was great… she’s in “new love” and oh I know the feeling and it’s a great feeling to feel young again… lol 

So I’m on my way home and I kinda wanna drink some more… I really didn’t want to leave… I love a good time and that indeed I had… â€‹

I feel like I needed this… I really didn’t want to leave 😦 

But I told her I’ll try to do this every few weeks and see her… so glad I stayed… 

she was talking about all of these feelings and I can so relate cause I felt those things for my therapist … still working on getting over it… it’s a process … damn it if he wasn’t so sexy it would have been so much easier lol omg ok I gotta stop writing about that stuff but it’s what I feel so I feel I gotta jot it down… but whatever lol



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