Back in NYC

so i made it back to nyc in one piece but i feel that my issues are here as well… i go back to thinking about my old therapist…i  think about depression and sadness… and think about all of the negativity that i’m around and sometime i just cant get away from it… my hubby was really happy to see me and i was happy to see him as well… but my paranoia started kicking in… certain comments he made make me believe that he’s been reading my blog… this blog is supposed to be my private area away from those that know me personally thats why i really dont promote my blog anywhere… and no one really knows what i look like or what my real name is…

i had a wonderful time in canada this weekend but the negativity my sister has was just driving me nuts… she’s judgemental and can blow up on anyone or anything when least expected… it was just driving me nuts… i did some photography out there and that’s something that really takes me away and makes me feel like it’s only my camera and me.. but in a good way…

i dont want to make it a habit of not writing in here and i know that what’s easy to do is also easy not to do but i do want to keep the commitment to myself and keep writing in here…

here are some of the pictures that i took in canada



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