Never again

I’m definitely not traveling with my sister anymore… she’s just negative all over… negative attitude and the way she speaks is negative she’s also easy to anger and yell… I really hate that…And she’s cheap and judgmental… she’s been talking about people this whole trip… I mean I see nothing wrong with the people she’s talking about but yeah she definitely finds something… 

We all planned this trip to Canada… that’s where I am now and I told her how much to give me for the room… she didn’t give it to me when we were in NYC she decided to give me some of it while we are here… SOME… now the bill for the room came and I don’t have it all… I’m super stressed… so I woke up early… went down to the desk to try to see what it would be in American money… 391… sucks cause I only have 209 left on the debit card…

Now I have to ask hubby to send me money to cover the room… all my sister can bitch about is that I woke her up and she has a long drive ahead smh… and she went back to sleep…

Don’t think I’m traveling with her anymore… then all she want me to do is take pictures of her… smh 

I don’t know what to do about her… I’m not like that at all… complete opposite of her…

She’s just a bitch 



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