On the road

So I’m on the road to Toronto Canada right now… we have my sister driving  and my mother in the back… we are supposed to be meeting my brother and his wife and kids in Albany…. I had to try to get some sleep today but I just couldn’t so now I have to up until about 6am… so I decided I’ll put some music and write in my blog… 

I think I made a new friend today on instagram… there’s this woman who has bipolar and she sent me a private message and wanted to see how I looked so I mean we’ve commented on each other’s content so I felt comfortable enough to reveal what I looked like but to be honest I like the anonymity that WordPress gives…. I can as raw and real as I want to be and not really worry that people know who I am.. 

so anyway I sent her my number and we were texting each other and she seems really cool.. god knows I need new friends…so we are planning to go out when I get back from Canada and I’m really looking forward to it.. 🙂



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