Oh she wants me 

So the woman that made the move on me, the woman who I used to be in a sexual relationship with has been writing me every day since we last hung out and she kissed me… she tells me that she’s been masterbating to the thought of our kiss… I have to say it’s a sexy thing to tell me but that doesn’t make me want her more to be honest…

There was a time where I lusted after her but she would always say no so I just gave up and lost interest in her in that way… I really don’t know what sparked her interest back… could it be I’ve lost 50lbs since we stopped being together… could it be I’m bringing sexy back…? Oh yes that’s what I think… 

so she wants me to give her a massage… I give a great massage by the way and she loves them… she told me she wanted to scissor me… I can’t lie I laughed because she’s being so forward … I don’t know what to do with this attention… 

she’s been telling me that she misses me and stuff so I don’t know…

I’ll enjoy the attention for now… 



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