well i felt like i needed closure from my last therapist and i had some questions to ask him and he brought up some really good points… he mentioned my need of approval… and i do find that to be true… but i dont seek approval from everyone just of people who i find important in my life… i dont know what it is…

he also said that he wasnt offended that i told him about how i wanted to have sex with him and that if i was there any longer i may have seduced him… but you know what at the end of the conversation i was left feeling good and ready to let him go… even though when we were hanging up i said “ok, talk to you later.” i laughed it off and just wished him luck cause i know i’ll never speak to him…

i also told him that i would not mention how i was feeling about him… he said “listen, you can talk to her about whatever you want, it’s up to you.” he mentioned that i’ll develop my own therapeutic relationship with her… i dont know… cause most know i really wasnt feeling her initially.. but lets see how it goes…

so no feelings of lust at the moment for him anymore and i guess thats a good thing… =)



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