Met the new therapist

so my therapist introduced me briefly to the new therapist i’m going to meet.. she asked me to see her when i was done to schedule something… i know this is wrong right off the bat but i dont think i like her… lol i really wasnt feeling her energy but you know what..i’m going to give her a chance… sheesh she’s going to be the 3rd therapist i’ve seen from that office in 3 years… but i gotta say that the one i had now was the longest… anyway …

so after my session i wait for her to call on me and she hits me with .. “did i tell you that i wont be in the office for 3 weeks” .. how the heck could she possibly tell me that if i just met her… smh… so she schedules me for july 6th… honestly that’s a long damn time from now and i dont know how i feel about that… but i know it’s not her fault … i’m not really even giving her a chance but i dont know .. something about her energy that rubs me the wrong way…but i will give her a chance… if not then i’ll look for something or someone else… lets see how this goes…



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