Bi Sexual Bipolar -Updated

Well most don’t know this but I am a married bi sexual woman… with that being said I’m on the train heading home from having a few drinks with a woman I was involved with and I gotta say it fizzled because she doesn’t really have the highest of sex drives… so I just slipped her back into the friend zone…

Tomorrow is her birthday and I invited her out for drinks to celebrate after all she is still a friend and she was hitting on me almost the entire time…running her fingers through my hair and everything… I honestly didn’t know if I should take her seriously but she said if “we weren’t married we would be together”… in the back of my mind I disagree but ok … I let her speak… she would tell me how she would love to kiss my lips and how good the sex was with us…and how she missed me so much.

She said “I want to kiss you so bad” so I closed my eyes and puckered my lips right there at the bar not thinking she would and she planted the first kiss of the night right on me…

I let her know the reason I fell off and stopped hitting on her or making moves on her… I’m a sexually aggressive woman and sometimes she just wasn’t in the mood and after hearing no so many times I just gave up and went my own way… 

so anyway she was going to the restroom and took her bags with her I said “why are you taking your bags I can hold them right here” she says cause “I want you to come with me…” I’m not stupid I knew she was going to make a move on me and as soon as we got into the bathroom and closed the door she planted a make out session on me that I haven’t experienced in a long time… it was nice so anyway she uses the restroom and washes up and plants another session on me “for the road” I was like wow I couldn’t believe this was happening… 

she said she will help erase the pain of missing my therapist lol ain’t that something 

So we stop by Duane reade for some makeup and when we are at the train station taking the elevator up to the platform she kissed me again and left her lipstick on my lips so I had to wipe myself off… I really didn’t expect these moves from her but I kept my composure. I didn’t excite anything to go further but all I gotta say is wow… 

so yeah that’s what happened tonight…

So I’m bipolar and bisexual and most times I can see both sides to a situation so yeah I’m bi everything lol 



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