Last session tomorrow

well i didnt write yesterday , got kind of caught up which can happen from time to time.. i’m not mad at myself… so hubby is out right now with his friends but i’m ok… i have some company coming over with a 6 pack of beer… =) oh yes.. i love company and i cant wait for my cousin to get here. .but anyway.. on to more pressing matters for me…

tomorrow is my last session with my therapist and i’m not looking forward to the last time.. i have my session tomorrow but it’s like i miss him already.. i wonder how he’s going to do the session and the introduction with the new lady… i just hope that shes’ not sitting there with us during the whole session… i’m really not ready to meet her…  i dont know what to think about it.. i dont even know what to say to him.. maybe that was also the cause of my anxiety this week…

what if i dont like her… what if she dont understand me… what if i’m not into it… should i still go or just stop… i used to see a woman therapist before and i just stopped going… the whole process was so dull and boring to me.. with my current therapist…it’s fun…and enjoyable… i want that back…

how do you or how would you deal with a change of therapist? cause i’m lost…



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