Early day feeling crappy 

So I’m at the Starbucks near my job still feeling like crap… woke up earlier than I wanted but I did my morning routine…

I called my therapist but he was out the office… hopefully today he will be there… my therapist is my voice of reason and I really hope he calls me today… left him a message so let’s see…

I’ve been taking deep breaths and I still have no appetite… I wanted to check in to the hospital for this but it will probably be stupid to… I have about another 30 mins before I have to go into my job… even work didn’t distract me from these feelings…

Hubby said I’ve been distant since he said he was doing overnight overtime and maybe I have I don’t know… 

How do I cope with anxiety? 



  1. Is Hubby open to coming to a counseling session with you. This way you can bring up your fears and insecurities in a neutral place and maybe he won’t get defensive ? Then maybe your therapist can be a voice of reason for that situation as well ? And if it turns out that something is going on that you don’t like you will have your therapist there to support you.


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